dgf (crossmyheart__) wrote in davey_an_jade,

Sorry to update on here AGAIN
I have to get this out..
I was in love with afi for over a year and then these past few months I didn't really listen to them that much, then on Wednesday I realized I hadn't listened to them in a good while, so I put in a few of their cds..
Then, I find out Davey is having problems with his vocal chords & burst into tears.

I still love them like I did wayyy back when.
Even though, I'm not such a big fan of their newer stuff I will always love them with everything I have.

My concerns & thoughts go out to Davey & AFI.
I know the rest of the band will help Davey get through his problem and sooner then we know it they will be up an touring again.
*crosses fingers for them coming to ohio*

Anywho, I will pray and hope for only the best for Davey.


Oh & to those of you who think I am trying to copy off the old davey_and_jade this is for you..
I made this because I used to love that community dearly.
I got wonderful pictures & made lots of lj friends with the same common interests as me. I also got to read interesting FanFics & whatnot.
So, do not go around bitching & acting like I'm some horrible person for creating this place..

I even went & an asked the creator of davey_and_jade if she minded if I made this place & she said no.
So, HA.

Enough rambling.
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